Our partners

A strong network

PSG is constantly gaining new customers and further developing our innovative procurement solutions. Also, our cooperation partners benefit from this. We want our partnerships to be worthwhile for all parties involved – customer, cooperation partner or ourselves – so that we all benefit from the business relationship.

We have already built up a network of high-quality partner companies. This means we can always offer our customers the best possible service.


CROWDFOX Professional is one of the technology leaders for purchase optimisation. Our digital solution allows for more transparency, process security, process efficiency and provides market-driven prices.



Proactis is a globally recognised market leader in purchasing and procurement software solutions.


M-Exchange AG

M-Exchange offers solutions to optimise operational procurement processes. The portfolio consists of e-procurement platform, supplier integration and invoice management.


innovation concept GmbH

Innovation concept GmbH, part of ReqPOOL group, is an international management consultancy with a focus on procurement, process- and project management as well as communication.


GIS International

GIS International operates worldwide and simplifies the procurement of direct and indirect materials.


Simmeth System GmbH

Simmeth System designs, implements and visualises process-oriented key data- and supplier management systems.


Caniu GRC Management GmbH

Caniu offers comprehensive management consulting services for procurement, including a product specifically for PSG implementations.