For almost 30 years, PSG has been striving to solve their customers' problems in indirect purchasing – and to do so sustainably! We see ourselves as link between all market participants and work with them responsibly, honestly and in partnership.

As part of EPSA group, we share and support their vision that the company of tomorrow must and will act responsibly. United in this conviction we are building a group with clear human values. We consider this collective project a lever for necessary change, a driver of our performance and a source of sustainable growth.

With economic success, vast experience, a constantly positive company development and happy, motivated employees, we manage to quickly and reliably offer our customers operational and digital cost-saving long-term solutions. Our way of working is characterised by pragmatism, creativity and flexibility as well as trusting and transparent communication with our customers.

In order to meet our own as well as the growing demands of our customers, suppliers and all other business partners in terms of quality, service and sustainability efforts, PSG decided to have themselves certified according to DIN ISO9001 and 14001. This will show both externally and internally the understanding of quality, efficiency and reliability that we have always lived by. PSG thus commits themselves to the continuous improvement of their management system, the careful analysis of the causes of complaints, the improvement of environmental performance and, of course, the fulfilment of binding obligations such as laws, official regulations and customer requirements. Our goal is to question every future corporate activity whether, and if so how, it could be optimised in terms of its environmental impact and to act accordingly.

As part of EPSA group, PSG acts as a growing company, taking into account their social and environmental footprint. This motivation and the linking of this footprint in synergy with our economic influence capabilities have led to a high degree of social responsibility, driven by our leadership and top management in the EPSA group and therefore also at PSG.

PSG's operations are inherently less environmentally damaging than activities in other sectors.

However, EPSA group continues to initiate an approach to measure and reduce their environmental footprint by means of a first realisation of a carbon footprint (initially in France; subsequently for all subsidiaries, thus including PSG) by Ekodev, a sustainable development service and consultancy company.

Today, PSG supports EPSA group's environmental measures through their "EPSA4Green" policy, which revolves around three axes: reduce – reuse – recycle and with one group priority: digital seriousness.

PSG leadership's sense of responsibility is also expressed in the established Code of Conduct ( It also follows an Ethics Charter, the Anti-Corruption Policy and the group's Responsible Sourcing Charter.

We continue to support measures for the inclusion and job retention of disabled employees. Diversity is also one of the management’s parameters, just as is support for the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact in terms of respect for human rights, international labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

Through this commitment, we express our desire to integrate these principles into the company’s strategy, culture and day-to-day operations and to promote them within our range of influence.

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