Special procurements
made easy.

With PSG-Spot Buy, our special procurement solution, you can procure goods and services that are not available or organised in your procurement or ERP system.

From enquiry to product

via one vendor model

PSG offers comprehensive services and extensive industry knowledge from product enquiry to delivery. You enquire about products or services which are not covered by your usual ordering channels via digital channels (e. g. our self-service web tool).

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Enquiry & offer

You use a simple contact form to request a product that is not covered by your usual ordering channels. Our experts will get to work and provide you with an offer in line with your needs and the market within a very short time.

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Ordering & shipping

As soon as you have accepted a quotation, the entire process will be handled integratedly via PSG.

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Invoice processing

PSG checks all supplier invoices and invoices you as the sole vendor.

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Complaints processing

Also, if something goes wrong, PSG is the central contact for you and takes care of it.

The central element of PSG's special procurement service is order and invoice processing in a comprehensive one vendor model. PSG is the only vendor for you, consolidating all suppliers.

one creditor model

Overview of services

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Real one vendor model

We consolidate your suppliers. We are your contact for enquiries, orders, deliveries, invoices and payments and are available to you as a central vendor.

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Initial definition of customer requirements, including customised process design and pricing

Together, we will turn complex free-text requirements into a digital process without media breaks.

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Price negotiations

In addition to our global sourcing services, we have a gain-share model and have our customers participate in any price reductions achieved.

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Detailed explanation in case of queries

Whenever we have a question about the process, we clarify it with your internal customer. The purchasing department can focus on strategic and value-adding tasks.

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Shipping and order processing

We take care of order processing and all logistical issues with the respective upstream suppliers – worldwide!

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Clarification of misunderstandings/complaints/errors

Whenever questions or complaints arise a personal PSG team is there for your internal customers. From enquiry to invoice.

Let's talk!

Do you have more than 1,000 employees and don't want to deal with an annual tail spend of over €1 million?

Do you only want one vendor for indirect procurement instead of thousands?

Do you also require transparency and compliance for one-off procurements, from ESG regulations to the LkSG and proof of CO2 reduction?

Then you should get to know us and find out how we have been achieving significant and sustainable process cost savings for our customers for over 30 years and implementing digital processes at the "tail end" of procurement.


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